Aquaguard reverse osmosis systems

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Published: 26th January 2011
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So, you have seen most of your neighbors using reverse osmosis filtration systems. And one of the group housing complexes all ready for possession in your vicinity has each apartment equipped with a reverse osmosis water purification system. Well, this means that the water in your area is high in total dissolved solids (TDS). One brand that is used in millions of Indian homes is the Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes. It is not only reverse osmosis filtration systems but also purifiers of other technologies that are manufactured by this company, deemed by Brand Equity as Asia’s largest direct sales corporation.

The Aquaguard Total RO PROTEC+ is the next generation purifier designed to eliminate tough new-age impurities, physical, chemical and microbiological contaminants, ensuring that only 100% safe water flows from the faucet. The distinctive associated with this filtration system is incorporation of the latest 3G technology that electronically enhances the membrane life. Big families will never face shortage of pure water by using this purification system as it comes with a storage capacity of 10 litres. Available for Rs. 13,500 in the comfort of your home through the trained direct sales specialist of Eureka Forbes, this Aquaguard reverse osmosis filtration is worth the investment. For immediate booking at the company’s corporate site, you may pay online an amount of Rs. 2,700 and pay the rest of the amount by cash on delivery. TCI XPS express delivery system ensures that you receive the product in the committed time frame.

The incorporation of the electronic membrane life enhancer ensures prevention of scaling of dissolved salts like calcium and magnesium. This facilitates improved water flow besides enhancing the membrane life. This Aquaguard reverse osmosis water purification system involves double filtration process with the use of clarity cartridge and particulate filter facilitating depth filtration. With the post taste enhancer the original taste of the water is revived and residual organic impurities get removed. The water gets polished with carbon granules.

Eureka Forbes has maintained a rapport in the market for delivering innovative systems. You can be assured of the purification effectiveness of its aquaguard brand.

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