How Safe Is The Water You Drink?

Published: 01st April 2010
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Water is life and as a health conscious individual, you will never compromise in drinking unpurified water. But again the issue of concern is whether you are consuming water that is organically, microbiologically and physically pure. You can be assured of drinking 100% pure water if the water purifier that purifies the water at your home is an advanced one or not. If it a normal candle water purification system, you are not drinking completely safe water. You are inviting water borne diseases to attack you. Use of advanced water purifiers that come incorporated with unique purifying mechanisms can ensure that you are drinking safe water. If you have not yet installed the right water purifier, you should immediately install one to maintain a healthy life.

It is because of drinking of unpurified water that most people fall victims to water borne diseases caused by bacteria, virus, and other micro organisms. These diseases are gastro-enteritis, typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid, dysentery, diarrhea, gastro-enteritis, etc. Contaminated water also causes worm infestations. There have been instances of thousands of deaths related to water borne diseases across the world. This is the reason manufacturers have come out with novel water purification systems and many an NGO has installed reverse osmosis water purifiers at the community level helping thousands of people drink safe water. Though many a family resort to boiling of water as a preventive measure, yet this method proves costly in the long run. It requires at least twenty minutes of boiling to inactivating the micro organisms and other contaminants, which would require burning of much fuel. It will prove cost effective if advanced water purification systems are used. A one time investment of a few thousand rupees will help you save the doctor's fees besides drinking of pure water for years together!

Go for reverse osmosis water purifiers if the water in your area is high in TDS content. The unique mechanism in such a water purifier will help you get rid of all contaminants in a matter of seconds. An RO system comes with a multi-stage purifying technique; the membrane is the most important component. It has pores smaller in size than the common microscopic micro organisms and water particles. During the purification process, only pure water passes through the pores.

Mark Jhon is health adviser and is writing reviews articles on water purifiers, water purification systems and reverse osmosis water purifiers.

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