Municipal and Bore Well Water Purification a Must

Published: 11th April 2011
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Do you think municipal water is safe to drink? As you have come to know that the water before being supplied to homes is treated in the water treatment plant, you are directly consuming tap water. But unless it is purified involving use of a purification system, it cannot be deemed safe. And there is a vast difference between treatment and purification. Corporation water is not purified, but only treated, generally involving chlorination. Use of water purifier is a must if you want to lead healthy lives. The situation gets worse during the rainy season.

The municipal body draws river water to get it treated. During rainy season, the run off rainwater washes off land pollutants along with eroded top soil, sewage, industrial and agricultural wastes and sediments to the river stream. Micro organisms then find the base as a good breeding ground. During the whole season, loads of bleaching powder is used to reduce high bacterial population resulting in the formation of chlorine byproducts that are harmful to health. This is again the reason why use of water purifiers is a must. Before diseases create havoc on your routine life, it will be wise on your part to immediately get a water purifier installed.

If your tap water is sourced from a bore well and if you are driven by the notion that as it directly comes from the underground it is safe, you are wrong. Bore well water is prone to all contamination. With rapid industrialization and urbanization, rain water absorbed underground or just residential or agricultural land water contains high level of nitrates, fertilizers, inorganic salts and pesticides. What you receive from your tap thus needs to be 100% purified. For bore well source, the most recommended purifier is a reverse osmosis water purification system; this is because the water often turns out to be hard and contains full of dissolved solids.

Even though you use a bore well, do get the water tested to confirm the amount of TDS present in it. Accordingly, you will be recommended whether you should use a reverse osmosis water systems or a water purifier of some other mechanism. Never go by price otherwise you will end up buying the wrong system. And when it comes to buying a reverse osmosis water purification system, multistage purifying technology and purification effectiveness should be considered.

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