The Aquaguard reverse osmosis filtration systems

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Published: 26th January 2011
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Water has its distinctive refreshing and sweet taste. But not all water in all the areas are the same in this aspect. In some areas water may be hard, in other areas soft. In areas where industrial units are located, chemicals and other new age tough contaminants are bound to be present in the water not to mention about the micro organisms that breed in millions. And it is total dissolved solids that contaminate the water in most regions of the country.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification technique is considered effective to purify such type of water. When there is a range of reverse osmosis filtration systems easily obtainable, why worry. Dial the preferred company’s customer care number and you will receive the product right at your doorstep besides also availing the benefits of a home demonstration of the system. There can be no better brand than the Aquaguard in the direct sales category in the segment of reverse osmosis filtration systems. It has been over two and half decades that the Aquaguard of Eureka Forbes is ruling the roost in the Indian market.

In the Aquaguard category of Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, you may opt to buy the one that comes with a multi stage purifying mechanism. This ensures that not only TDS levels get controlled and micro organisms removed besides removal of tough new age contaminants but also the refreshing taste and touch of minerals get maintained.

Another advantage is monitoring the performance of the filtration system so that you know when to change the cartridges or the RO membrane.

Aquaguard reverse osmosis filtration systems are considered effective and convenient by millions of satisfied consumers across the country. The key component in the water purification system involving reverse osmosis is of course the semi-permeable RO membrane. Generally, the membrane has pores each of which measures 0.00000004 inch (0.0001 micron). Even desalination of sea water besides technology applied in mineral water plans involves this reverse osmosis filtration process. Dial 3988 3333 or SMS "AG" or "EC" to 566775 for a home demo of the Aquaguard RO system!

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