The best water purifier and reverse osmosis

Published: 04th August 2011
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All ready to buy a water purifier? Have you tested your tap water? If not, you cannot decide what type of filter system you will need. It is only a water test that will identify the level of harmful micro organisms present in addition to total dissolved solids and other new age contaminants. Depending on the level and type of pollutants present, the test report will carry a recommendation of using the right purifier. The test interpretation and analysis will also contain information about pollutants resulting from human activity and naturally-occurring substances. Intended use of the filter system is of course for drinking purpose while many also add other purposes like cooking thereby going for a big water purifier. If you think you need a reverse osmosis filter system, rely on your report. If total dissolved solids level is high according to the report then use of a reverse osmosis filter system will best serve the purification purpose. In case bacteria level is high, you will be recommended to use a UV water purifier.

Use of an RO system is common in households across the country and the world, especially in areas where total dissolved solids (TDS) in water is high. The purification effectiveness all depends on the level of contamination as well as the type of unit you use. For example if the system is not advanced and comes with a single or double filtration mechanism, there is no assurance that the purified water will not have traces of contaminants. Choosing a reverse osmosis filter system with multi-stage purification mechanism is a must if you want 100% safe and pure water to flow from the faucet. It is not only total dissolved solids that the best water purifier of RO mechanism will remove; foul taste, smell, color, etc. that may result in adverse health effects including suspended matter, also get treated.

It is no surprise if you find VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like petrochemicals, chloroform, etc. and SOCs (soluble organic compounds) like pesticides as pollutants in water. With the use of the best water purifier, i.e. the best reverse osmosis filter system, these compounds can be ridden of. Do remember, as aforementioned, to buy a multi-stage purifier, one that comes with RO membrane in addition to several filter cartridges.
If you want to buy the best water purifier of RO mechanism, go online and conduct a research; do not miss reading reviews.

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